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Creatine for Strength and Cognitive Enhancement

When most people hear the word “creatine” bodybuilders and bros initially come to mind. Even though there are plenty of both that utilize creatine, there are advantages for your brain that you may have never known.

Creatine is a molecule that can rapidly produce energy (in the form of ATP) to support cells of all types. Athletes and bodybuilders may use it to improve cellular energy for their muscles, but there are plenty of high performance professionals, such as lawyers, doctors, and students, that utilize this compound for cognitive enhancement purposes.

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Chocolate Brain Alteration

Everyone has their vice and for years, chocolate seemed to be mine. The rest of the world finds it just as tantalizing; totally, $50 billion is spent on chocolate every year. However, what can be a vice may also become a healthy brain food.

For me and many others, chocolate is not a sweet treat to indulge, but rather a decadent product that can improve brain function, stimulate the mind, and improve feelings of wellbeing.

Caffeine vs. Theobromine

Some parents tell their children to avoid chocolate before bed so that the caffeine will not keep them awake during the night. Most have never heard of theobromine, but it is this alkaloid that causes most stimulating effects in chocolate.

More famous alkaloids include caffeine, nicotine, and cocaine, which are all used for their mind altering properties as well. Chemically, the only difference between theobromine and caffeine is a hydrogen atom on the former and methyl group on the latter. This slight alteration in chemical structure has significant consequences for how it impacts your brain chemistry.

One main benefit of theobromine over caffeine is the relatively little impact on the central nervous system. The detrimental adrenal effects of caffeine are prevented with the use of theobromine over caffeine as well. Best of all, humans show virtually no dependency on theobromine unlike caffeine. [click to continue…]