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Micronutrient Experiment – Is It Possible to Get Enough?

The practice of eating real non-processed foods has helped me tremendously over the past two years. The nutrient density on a Paleo style diet has afforded me a healthier lifestyle than most Americans, but that does not mean it is optimal.

I’m a big fan of nootropics, but sometimes optimizing cognition and physiology has more to do with getting the right micronutrients rather than adding a chemical compound or natural herb.

To find out whether I get enough micronutrients, I analyzed five days worth of diet and tracked a few other variables as well. [click to continue…]

8 Healthy Fats I Can’t Live Without

By now you have probably heard the good news: fats aren’t bad.

Fats were vilified for a long time and too much of anything can be unhealthy, but the attitude towards this macronutrient has changed dramatically. More research indicates that dietary fat is required for adequate brain health, hormone levels (particularly testosterone), and a variety of other functions.

There are many books and articles I will periodically link, but this primer on fats and healthy sources can give you a better overall understanding. [click to continue…]

Efficient and Invigorating Green Juice

Even though my diet is primary based around high fat and protein, there are a wide variety of philosophies and theories. One person’s “healthy” could be the opposite of another. Yet almost every dietary philosophy agrees that a diet rich in vegetables is a good thing.

Due to responsibilities in modern life, getting enough of these vegetables is often incredibly difficult. As a business owner and blogger with a variety of hobbies, getting enough vegetables is rarely high enough on my priority list. Lately, I have found a method of improving nutrient intake from vegetables without spending hours cooking and stuffing myself.

Using green juice is a highly effective method of consuming high quantities of vegetables for maximum nutrient density. The benefits include cancer prevention, reduced cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, and even enhanced muscle mass.

[click to continue…]