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7 Practices to Have More Energy

Energy levels are as much about mindset as physical practices. A healthy combination of both will help you to feel better and, more importantly, perform better in whatever task you are focused on. While you may have practices of your own that can energize you, here are some of the newly found tricks that I use in order to improve my energy levels and channel it into my purpose.

Who doesn’t want to have more energy?

1. Cold showers – As you may know, I’m a cold shower proponent, which is going to do physiological and mental good for your energy levels. It will help produce hormones like adrenaline that improve alertness and energy. It also acts as a great mental challenge that you can overcome and feel good about yourself. If you survive such a practice, you develop the character virtue of courage, which will further enhance your sense of accomplishment.

I started this practice long ago and although I no longer do it daily, it is profound to attempt this for 60 – 90 days straight. It will give you a new perspective on life and your capabilities as a human.

2. Stop ejaculating worthlessly – The loving embrace of one that you are intimately connected with is fantastic. Don’t stop. But ejaculation through masturbation at home (or worse by looking at porn) might be a large drain on your energy. I have noticed a tremendous boost in my energy and ability to give motivation and happiness into the world after reducing this action to no more than one time per week as per a single testosterone study on the subject.

Try to go a week without it and not only will you build mental strength, but towards day 3 – 5 you will start to have much pent-up energy that must find an outlet. So long as you can channel the energy into your work, dancing, helping people in the world, or your significant other, you are going to be far more fulfilled.

3. Creatine monohydrate – From a physiological perspective, if you are looking for energy there is nothing better than creatine monohydrate. Creatine is a molecule important in the energy system, which helps cells produce ATP (energy) for optimal function. There are very few creatine side effects and research indicates that it is one of the most effective and safe supplement to take.

You do not need to learn when to take creatine as it is a longer term supplement so you can be flexible and still see the same benefits; it isn’t like coffee where you have to drink some before feeling the energy. After your cells are saturated with creatine it will be a nonstop energy boost.

4. Eat well – I consider ancestral / minimalist approaches to food to be best. This includes lots of healthy fats, animal protein, and vegetables. With this type of a diet you can’t really go wrong and it will assuredly boost your energy levels if you do not eat well. Food is the fuel your body runs on; if it isn’t the most optimal it isn’t going to provide your body with much energy.

If you already eat well consider focusing on micronutrients in order to boost your energy. I like green juice every now and then in order to get the most micronutrients in a dense way.

5. Spend time with people you love – Spending time with family and friends that you love is going to act as an inspiration and will uplift you to improve your energy. This is purely a mental construct, but humans are social beings. By putting yourself into situations where you are loved and giving love, you will have higher energy.

My “love language” is quality time so I like to do this more than most people. You might be the same way, which will make your energy levels even more dependent upon quality time with those you love.


See? Look at all these people I love


6. Breathing techniques – There are dozens of different breathing techniques that can help improve your mental state and energy levels. Quick, shallow breaths (akin to hyper-ventilating) can oxygenate your brain quickly and provide more energy. You can also use deep breathing in order to help energize you. Pick something that resonates with you and give it a try.

7. Peppermint oil (and other natural oils/extracts) – Until Chad and Brenda Walding introduced me to peppermint oil, I had no idea the effect it could have on energy levels. Because peppermint oil is so effective in providing additional energy, it is even used to treat nervous system disorders, mental fatigue, and manage stress. One mice study showed peppermint oil to have a similar effect as psychostimulants.

I’ve used this numerous times when I felt drained before going partying with friends downtown. As I rarely use alcohol or other substances to energize myself, it must come from natural sources and peppermint oil is a great one. If you decide to purchase this, just dab some on your neck and wrists. Then put a single drop in your hand and breathe deeply for optimal effect!

Creatine for Strength and Cognitive Enhancement

When most people hear the word “creatine” bodybuilders and bros initially come to mind. Even though there are plenty of both that utilize creatine, there are advantages for your brain that you may have never known.

Creatine is a molecule that can rapidly produce energy (in the form of ATP) to support cells of all types. Athletes and bodybuilders may use it to improve cellular energy for their muscles, but there are plenty of high performance professionals, such as lawyers, doctors, and students, that utilize this compound for cognitive enhancement purposes.

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Chocolate Brain Alteration

Everyone has their vice and for years, chocolate seemed to be mine. The rest of the world finds it just as tantalizing; totally, $50 billion is spent on chocolate every year. However, what can be a vice may also become a healthy brain food.

For me and many others, chocolate is not a sweet treat to indulge, but rather a decadent product that can improve brain function, stimulate the mind, and improve feelings of wellbeing.

Caffeine vs. Theobromine

Some parents tell their children to avoid chocolate before bed so that the caffeine will not keep them awake during the night. Most have never heard of theobromine, but it is this alkaloid that causes most stimulating effects in chocolate.

More famous alkaloids include caffeine, nicotine, and cocaine, which are all used for their mind altering properties as well. Chemically, the only difference between theobromine and caffeine is a hydrogen atom on the former and methyl group on the latter. This slight alteration in chemical structure has significant consequences for how it impacts your brain chemistry.

One main benefit of theobromine over caffeine is the relatively little impact on the central nervous system. The detrimental adrenal effects of caffeine are prevented with the use of theobromine over caffeine as well. Best of all, humans show virtually no dependency on theobromine unlike caffeine. [click to continue…]