Brain health

How to Quit Caffeine and Detox without Withdrawals

While I believe caffeine (and coffee specifically) to be a healthy option, it is a tool that can be abused like any other. Over the past few weeks, I have been abusing caffeine relative to my usual standards and I have paid the price for it. My typical routine includes one cup of coffee early in the morning (around 5:30 AM) before I do meditation and start my work day. Lately, I have been drinking cold brew coffee as it has less acidity....

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Let’s Talk About Sex: Nootropics to Replace Viagra

Every year there are millions of Americans and foreigners who are using Viagra as a way of improving their sex life. Let’s face it, after a few decades of marriage it may require a little bit of extra oomph to get going in the bedroom. Even so, Viagra isn’t only for use by the elderly individuals who need a little bit of help in the bedroom. There are plenty of younger people using the drug as well. The reality is that every human...

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The Ultimate Guide to Nootropics

When it comes to my cognitive health, I’m of the opinion that a healthy diet, lifestyle choices like intermittent fasting, cold showers, and avoiding alcohol will optimize your brain alone. Most people can see tremendous benefits with a few of these lifestyle hacks. For those “next level” junkies (myself included), sometimes getting an added boost can come through nootropics / smart drugs. These are compounds that vary in efficacy to improve...

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