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THM Show 017 – Molly Galbraith, Cardio in Workouts, How Women Train Differently, and How to Get My Mother Back in the Gym



Welcome to The Hacked Mind show! This week I interview Molly Galbraith, who is the co-founder of Girls Gone Strong and works with J&M Strength & Conditioning. Her training methods have improved the lives of thousands of women.


This episode we will cover:

1. What role cardio has in a workout
2. How are women different when training?
3. Recommendations for middle-aged women

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Discussion Topics

[1:13] Cardio – when might it be useful? What are some different moderate cardio exercise uses?
[3:12] Parasympathetic nervous system activity (low intensity cardio)
[4:30] Workouts with cardio that are best/most efficient for injuries; anything 120-150 beats per minute
[5:10] How women are different when it comes to lifting
[6:47] Different training conditions for men vs. women
[7:32] Women struggling to recover when stressed vs. recovering faster when not
[8:28] Minimum effective dose for exercise
[10:20] Anything works for 6 weeks. Is it sustainable? Training vs. exercise
[12:40] 4 things to balance – health, performance, aesthetics, lifestyle
[16:39] Smallest differences with training women learned in the gym
[19:51] Best methods to help middle-aged women with exercise (my mom!)

External Mentions

The Modern Woman’s Guide to Strength Training
Jen Sinkler – Lift Weights Faster

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