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THM Show 005 – Kyle Eschenroeder, Vipassana Meditation Retreat, Physical Pain, Depression


Welcome to The Hacked Mind show! This week, I interview Kyle Eschenroeder who is a great friend and blogger at Kyle Now and Startup Bros.

After struggling with depression, Kyle sought meditation as a way to improve his quality of life without taking typical pharmaceutical medications.


This episode we will cover:

1. Using meditation to solve emotional problems
2. 10 day Vipassana meditation retreat
3. Physical pain during 10 hours of meditation
4. Mental processes involved with meditation

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Discussion Topics

[2:38] Why Kyle became interested in meditation and the results after 1 week
[4:40] Driving on the way to the retreat
[6:10] Sign-up / arrival and procedure for the retreat
[6:38] Rules of the retreat – painful(!)
[7:22] Breaks between 1-1.5 hour meditation sessions
[8:32] Starting with Anapana meditation
[9:20] Vipassana sense scanning meditation
[11:35] Daily routine including meals, sleep, etc.
[13:10] Physical pain during the retreat
[20:21] How meditation helped transform Kyle’s life
[22:00] How Kyle uses meditation after the retreat
[27:18] Study about meditation and brain usage
[28:00] Ray Kurzweil – narratives for emotion
[29:20] Advice from Kyle – start small! Even 5 minutes is good

External Mentions

Startup Bros blog
Vipassana Meditation Website
Be Luminous Yoga
Ray Kurzweil

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  1. Once again a great podcast, please Keep up doing these.

    1. Hey Iver, thanks a lot! Glad that you like it. Many more coming soon :)


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