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THM Show 011 – John Durant, Human Endurance, Running Barefoot, Thermoregulation, Dairy



Welcome to The Hacked Mind show! This week I interview John Durant who is the author of “The Paleo Manifesto: Ancient Wisdom for Lifelong Health” and blogs at Hunter Gatherer.com. John has helped spread an ancestral perspective for the modern world. He has spoken on The Colbert Report, New York Times, and NPR.


This episode we will cover:

1. Humans as an endurance-based species
2. Running barefoot
3. Thermoregulation
4. Dairy, full fat cheese / milk

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Discussion Topics

[2:10] Physiological adaptations as an endurance-based species
[3:55] Humans not adapted to long distance running – more walking for endurance
[4:29] Sprinting and lifting – variation in endurance hunting
[5:22] Strongest evidence against the “Endurance Running Hypothesis”
[6:36] Hunter-gatherer strong scavenging
[8:18] Why running shoes leads to injuries
[10:17] Why barefoot running too much to might be harmful
[11:12] Tips to start barefoot running – learning a skill
[13:15] Growing accustomed to barefoot running
[14:25] Let kids run barefoot
[15:23] Getting started with thermoregulation
[16:44] Length of adaptation for cold exposure – as long as a month!
[20:50] Taking different paths with dairy; full fat dairy is better
[22:07] John’s cheese biohacking
[24:10] What Paleo Manifesto covers from the author

External Mentions

Endurance Running Hypothesis
Dan E. Lieberman
David Attenborough – Persistence Hunting
How Running Made Us Human – Science Daily

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  1. a lot of great information on our paleolithic ancestors. many good points to consider about how we are living today. this is a subject i can barely get enough of. thanks for doing this work, Mans!


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