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THM Show 012 – Abelard Lindsay, Nootropics, CILTEP, Natural Extracts



Welcome to The Hacked Mind show! This week I interview Abelard Lindsay who is the developer of CILTeP, which is now produced by Natural Stacks. Abelard has helped produce cognitive enhancing nootropics without the studies, politics, and barriers; he tested on himself and created an open source thread for people to try it out themselves.


This episode we will cover:

1. How Abelard became interested in nootropics
2. What CILTeP is and how he developed it
3. CILTeP interaction with racetams (nootropic family)
4. Other herbal extracts he uses

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Discussion Topics

[1:20] Why Abelard got interested in nootropics
[2:14] First real success after reading “The Edge Effect”
[3:30] Speculative, but self-experimented different levels of neurotransmitters
[4:48] Abelard: dopamine dominant with GABA deficiency
[5:09] Racetams and function in the brain
[5:38] Increasing GABA with supplementation
[8:49] Rapid electrical signalling with CILTeP
[11:00] How Abelard stumbled upon the combination – rat reference memory
[12:58] How to avoid sleepiness/getting tired (add Acetyl-L-Carnitine)
[14:42] My experience with CILTeP and why L-phenylalanine is added
[17:18] Synergy with CILTeP and racetams
[17:40] Racetam positive modulation of receptors
[18:40] 2 best racetams to stack with CILTeP: piracetam + phenylpiracetam
[20:30] Aniracetam’s interference with CILTEP; sunifiram danger
[22:32] Extracts he likes: Rhodiola rosea, Ashwagandha
[23:23] Catuaba extract – stimulating

External Mentions

Natural Stacks – Now with CILTEP formulation
Tim Ferriss
Joe Rogan Podcast
Eric Braverman – “The Edge Effect”

EDIT: Here is another external resource from the Pure Nootropics blog about CILTEP research and experiences.

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  1. Hello. I just stumbled across your site and I just wanted to say it’s really awesome. Actually, it was the podcast I ran across first looking for a podcast I had heard a while back talking about ciltep (it must have been the Bulletproof Exec). Anyway I have subscribed to the podcast. I can’t wait to start listening. I am fascinated.. :)

    1. Glad you like it!


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