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THM Show 007 – Steve Kamb, Bodyweight Training for Travel, Interval Exercise, Injury Recovery


Welcome to The Hacked Mind show! This week I interview Steve Kamb who loves bringing creativity and fun into his health and wellness blog Nerd Fitness.


This episode we will cover:

1. How Steve Kamb got started with bodyweight training
2. Traveling the world with Olympic rings and creativity
3. Interval training and occasional sprints
4. Lifting heavy weights after an injury

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Discussion Topics

[1:50] How Steve got started with bodyweight training
[2:58] Parkour, gymnastics, and other functional movement exercises
[3:28] Creatively incorporating your environment to exercise while traveling
[4:00] How bodyweight training works; short intense bursts rather than “more”
[5:09] Increasing difficulty of bodyweight training to build strength vs. muscle endurance
[5:45] Using luggage/backpack for training – get creative!
[6:35] Slow negatives/fast positives to get better training
[7:18] Steve uses Olympic rings (gymnastics) costing $50-60 that he takes everywhere he travels
[8:19] Ido Portal – gymnastics for functional movement is the best
[8:45] Bodyweight helps strengthen all different stabilizer muscles etc.
[9:30] Elliot Hulse – emphasized movement/functional training
[10:25] Steve’s world travel for 6-7 months; made the decision to stay healthy and fit
[11:40] Action to stay in shape every other day
[12:37] Maintaining his diet while traveling (and still adding 8-10 pounds of muscle in 6-7 months)
[13:12] Drinking a gallon of whole milk a day, peanut butter, olive oil drinks
[13:47] Not glamorous, but achieved his goals
[14:11] Experiment – can Steve Kamb build muscle without going to a gym?
[16:37] Types of sprint routines/interval/tabata/hill sprints
[18:08] BeastSkills.com and GoldMedalBodies.com (links below) for training help
[18:40] First marathon? Never! Don’t get burned out
[19:02] Fun cardio; walking, hiking
[19:45] Body by Science – being fit vs. healthy; not the same
[20:15] L5 vertebrae fracture – how Steve dealt with lower back problems
[22:45] Adding heavy weights back in; deadlifts and squats in 5 pound increments; higher rep count – Patience!

External Mentions

Ido Portal
Elliot Hulse
Nerd Fitness – How to Travel the World for $418
Nerd Fitness – Iron Man post
Jim Bathurst – Beast Skills
Gold Medal Bodies

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